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Paul Lanssens

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Notities bij: Stacey-Ann LANSENS

Stacey does work at her parents company, O.E.M. Industrial, and is involved in the financial aspect of things. She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario, but has primarily worked for companies in Human Resource Management positions. She stayed home to take care of the two boys since they were born.
Stacey's husband, Gordon is an airline pilot for Air Canada. Prior to that he was a pilot in the Canadian military, so the family has spent a lot of time living all over Canada. Currently the family lives again in their home town of Chatham. Gordon can also been found on the Internet, as a successfull runner of marathons. The children are:
- Callum-Young Evans, °London-Ontario Jan. 9, 1998
- Aidan-Michael Evans, °London-Ontario Aug. 9, 1999.

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