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Paul Lanssens

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Notities bij: Steven-Arthur-('Steve') DENOO

Born in Chisholm (Minnesota) Steve grew up initially on a farm outside of Hibbing (Minnesota). After 12 or so the family moved to Lander Wyoming, where his father was transferred for US Steel. Steve served in the US Navy as a Dental Technician for 4,5 years. He attended College in Elmhurst (Illinois) and got a job as a salesman for the Protectoseal Company for 11 years. After his marriage in 1976 he became a Stock Broker, but due to financial market conditions, left after that office closed in 1989 and started selling Cadillac Automobiles in Syracuse. He loves his job, and the clients love him. His customer satisfaction index is over 94%, and he has over half of the total customer base of the dealership. While in the Navy, he started studying Martial Arts, and continued to do so until 1998 when he tore a knee in Karate practice.

This is the text from Steve's page "Who am I":

Who am I? My name is Steven A. Denoo. Who am I? Nobody! Perhaps I may be best described as a Samurai of God. Martial arts is only a part of the whole picture. I am a servant. I serve my Diamyo, Christ, striving for Loyalty and Dignity. It is a piece of Japanese History I appreciate.
I grew up in Minnesota and Wyoming where we moved when I was a child. I am nothing of any importance in the martial arts world. I just loved it perhaps too much. I am and have tried to be a follower of Jesus Christ, and the teachings of Mas Oyama. I have always found that the name Search for the 'Ultimate Truth', perfectly fit. Years ago I did not see many if any, following the path that they professed. I thought I would try to do it too, I often fail. I do try, and ask my God to forgive me, he does.

I have had a few of passions in my life, my God, Family, and my Karate, but now I am getting too old and have bad knees... (I am one of the searchers, always struggling to get better). As Mas. said, Always 'Remember what it feels like to be a beginner'. However, now age is beginning to catch up with me, my body does not work like it used to, I tore my knees up doing other things. Although I gave up formal training years ago and decided that I would rededicate my Life to Christ, and that started me on a whole new adventure. This year I was selected as "Salesman of the Year." for Central New York. I have often felt that I was out here alone in the desert, like the Apostle Paul, far away from home just God and me. What a way to go. I grew up in Wyoming, USA, a great place to grow up. I continue my studies and work out on my own. Years ago I was (for work) moved thousands of miles away from family and home, to New York State where my home is now. I am 57 years old, not quite able to work out as I once did. My hair is gray, I have no rank or position. I am still able to kick and punch as hard and as fast as ever I did, though now I am now just one that appreciates what the others have done along their road of life they traveled. My faith in Christ (the internal, The Real Truth) sustains me today, as the pressures of daily life battle against me.

I have had the good fortune to train in this art as a young man. Karate made an impression that has never left me, and guides me today. The world is a difficult place with its constant pressures and attacks. It matters not what you do or where you live the game is the same.

Today I sell Cadillac Automobiles in Syracuse, NY. I have had the good fortune to train in the best karate style Kyokushinkai, and have the best instructors, and now sell the best cars in the world. What more could you ask?

Although today I have not the strength or stamina today. Now I am a lot older, and not as healthy as I once was, not bad, but I have bad knees but not from Karate, they came from Baseball, pinched nerves in my back, not related to the training of karate either but a fall as a child when I jumped off the barn roof trying to play Superman (I did not fly). I want to share what I have found. When you look around and send me your comments.

This is the text from Steve's page about karate:

This is my personal karate page. To paraphrase Genghis Khan, In the jungle of the world today, "Only the Tiger survives!" You need to be a Tiger. Train hard, train seriously. It is not my goal to be trying to sell you anything here. It is my desire to try to help you with your karate. After all I was helped along the way I am 60 years old now (Where did the time go?), I had to dig this information out. I bought many books, practiced every technique I could find, rejecting the junk that was for show, keeping that which worked for me... I tried to master things I had figured out. As I grew older, I found I was beginning to forget, so I wanted to write it down for you. There is so much to say. Train on your own to develop into what you want. You must train as if it is life or death. You must train with total abandon. You must fight like it is the last battle. You must fight like you are protecting a loved one. The bear protecting her cub, or the rat backed into a corner. This is how I trained. Try to understand what you are taught. There is a reason. What is here is what I have done, and what I found through lots of hours alone practicing and trying to figure out how they work and why, then trying them on my opponents. I am working on adding some more information to the Kata pages. I find Kata an important and perhaps overlooked part of training. Injuries are a part of life. There is something you can do, The body can heal itself, take a look. One thing to remember is that tempo is the Key. The faster you move the more energy you will have, the longer it will last. The more effective you feel. Train for faster movements. You will become more confident and effective.

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